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I was born and raised at Pavillion, Wyo. Where is Pavillion? Well, it's  in Fremont County. That's the same big county that has Lander, Riverton  and Dubois -- somewhat bigger towns. Pavillion, as of the census of  2000, had 165 people, 77 households, and 50 families in town. Yes, it's a  little town.


Life brings you its twists and turns. For example, I  actually worked in the aerospace industry as a mechanical engineer  which allowed me to work on the Hubble Space Telescope instruments and the V-22 Osprey.


In terms of my stitching, I attempted to start  an embroidery/sewing business partnership in Oklahoma that went south  very quickly. When that went bad, my mom and dad and my brother came to  salvage what was left of my business (and pride). When I got to Three  Forks, I worked for my brother as a ranch hand and my family encouraged  me to do my embroidery business out of the Bunkhouse (which is where I  was living).


I grew up loving to sew and learned from my mother  and grandmother. So when I landed in Three Forks, I was reminded that I  should do something that I loved. I had the equipment/machinery and the  know how, so I decided to give it a try. I worked out of my house for  the first number of years and now I have a storefront just outside of  Three Forks,on HWY 287, immediately in front of Ron's Diesel Repair. Ron  Imberi is my husband and, by the way, an avid race car driver at the  local Gallatin Speedway. I'm part of his crew and his No. 1 fan.


I  enjoy hanging out with my husband, helping with his business and the  race cars, attending and supporting the various sporting events the kids  are involved with, as well as attending local school sports, to root  for and support the kids I have met since I arrived here. 


Three  Forks has proven to be a fine place to live for me, Ron and our  children, Lyle and Becky. It has small town hospitality, but has access  to just about everything you could ever want. And if you want a taste of  a bit bigger city and the activities that surround a university  community -- like more stores for shopping, for example -- Bozeman is  just 30 miles away. 


-- Mickie

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